What do you do to motivate yourself when you are about to give up?


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STEP 1: Understanding that you're not alone & the feeling isn't permanent.

STEP 2: Start believing in yourself; You have the power to let go of negative beliefs about yourself and the power to create positive beliefs that will empower you rather than hinder you.

STEP 3: Start changing your life in ways that will reflect a change in your attitude towards life.

STEP 4: Surround yourself with people who exhibit qualities that you want to possess.

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Whenever I feel like giving up, I visualize my dream materializing in front of me.

I imagine I am standing right there looking at my dream vacation place, or spinning the chair at my favorite company, or eating my favorite mom-made dish, or driving that one car I've always wanted. I close my eyes and imagine myself doing what I want to do. I make-believe, like a kid.

This gives me a head start and a much-needed motivation straightaway. But then, you've got to work for your goal too! You cannot just go watch a movie after that!

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I make a pros and cons list.

I often feel the need to give up. I often feel that it's not worth doing whatever it is that I'm doing, especially if I'm not getting any results.

During that time, I make a pros and cons list, the pros usually outweigh the cons, which instantly motivates me.